Friday, May 4, 2012

Things Are Getting Ridiculous

[Just the facts.  No theory.  Not up for it.  I had stopped commenting on the TOTH site over a week ago.  Today I left Giants Extra.  Sitting at the computer is just getting harder and harder, even though I know I am making progress.  Perhaps too much, too quickly, and in cold(ish) weather, however.  I'm still re-reading ASOIAF constantly, though I devoured the latest Stephen King Dark Tower book in a day, and I'll keep watching my Giants.  Otherwise, I'm wiggling like a pupa in a cocoon again, almost all the time.  I had not realized it was so constant until we had a visitor over and I was making her feel uncomfortable because I could not be comfortable.  Posts may be few and far between for a bit.]

Okay, ridiculous may be the wrong word, coming from a guy that dealt with some rather significant physical alterations when all this began, including getting an inch and a half taller, but it's nearing that level of absurdity, once again.

I can only hope that I am close to getting the major perversions undone.

Two hours ago, I put my leg in front of me, up on the table to do a simple stretch, this time keeping the leg square with the hip socket, not allowing the knee to turn to the outside.  When I let it turn to the outside, even the slightest, I can touch my forehead to my thigh quite easily.  Hypermobility at work, I always presumed.  However, with the leg square, my stomach gets in the way, first off, and then there becomes a mass, a collection of muscles that gets pushed up the right side of my body towards the shoulder.

I tried to let it go where it could.  The results are kind of tough to describe.  My right arm has to have rotated 5-10 degrees (within the arm socket) as muscle went up through and around the shoulder, needing to sublux at one point to allow some tension to pass through it.  The tension that had been dogging me all week, down the right side of my face, though the neck and into the shoulder, was at least temporarily released.  Nearly the opposite happened in the left arm, and I can feel things, aligning themselves, throughout my torso, very much so in the muscles to the sides of my stomach.

Lastly, once again, my clothes immediately do not fit the same as before.  The long sleeve Grateful Dead long-john style shirt I wore so much this winter suddenly fits completely different around the shoulders, sagging in spots that were just this morning snug, tight and stretching in new locations.

By day, I am uncomfortable.  By night, pain joins the discomfort.  It has been worse on the days when the cooler temperatures have returned and I have not dared to go to the pool.  So, hopefully the warmth due next week will bring some relief.  You would think I would be used to enduring this crap by now, but it's different every day, and I am feeling mentally taxed as ever.  I probably believed the cold weather was over and let down my guard.

I really don't want to go through another winter like this.

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