Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Superpower Blown Away

I think what I am dealing with right now, while making me miserable, is kind of interesting.

I used to have superhuman lungs, and they served me well back when I played trumpet.  Anyways, with my innards twisted how they were, I believe my diaphragm was higher than most people, with leverage.

There is a little plastic gizmo doctors use to measure lung strength.  You blow into it, and a meter is pushed away from you, down a cone, which gives a measurement based on how far your "blow" makes it go.  I could always, even when sick, make a loud click noise with the gizmo, my lungs able to exert such force as to make the meter slam against the end of the gizmo.  I had surprised more than one doctor with this ability.

Side note - this is one of the things that made it hard for me to believe anything was "wrong" with me, teenage years onward, because it was a difference I was proud of and embraced, because I was "better" than most in this area.

I think my recent changes that lead to the seizing of back muscles (for a week now, quite painful to move sometimes) greatly reduced the leverage my diaphragm had with my lungs in the previous (though objectively wrong) position.  I think my innards dropped a bit relative to my ribs, similar to how my stomach had dropped (and expanded, instantly, to my cosmetic dismay) with previous adjustments.

The result now is I am very inexperienced with dealing with this chest cold.  I am used to very powerful lungs, even with sick.  I need to rethink everything regarding how I always handled illnesses.  What always worked for me doesn't anymore.

The moral of this change, becoming mortal sucks, or can't suck, in this instance, with respect to lung power, I mean . . .