Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vector Detector

Nothing more than a mental note on my newest way to think of the quantification of a body's physical balance.

Vectors.  Consider every muscle strand to be a vector.  It is very much similar to this, after all.  Each muscle has a direction and a weight.

For my purposes, the "weight" of each vector is it's resting force towards movement.

Imagine a person holding your arms at your side as you try to lift them.  You are let go after 30 seconds and told to relax your arms, but they continue to rise without your input.  [It's almost like an after image of the force you applied earlier.]  Your resting force towards movement would be what your muscles want to do just from your normal actions in a day.

So, now consider each of these muscle strands as a quantified vector.  When you are at rest, the sum of all these vectors would be zero for a body in balance.

*     *     *     *     *

Dammit, I had my next thought planned, and in the time it took to put up a page break, it was gone.

My train of thought has derailed.

*     *     *     *     *

It does get more complicated, and gravity (more specifically, how your muscles deal with it) is most definitely a huge factor.

But I got the paradigm out there, before it was lost to the next bombardment of thoughts, a win in itself.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Physical Violence?

Lots of movement lately.  Great success.

Then I tried to eat.

Swallowing did not function.  I scooted quickly to the bathroom unable to breathe and popped.  It was not puking, but the mid-neck up was in reverse.

I believe I was having the innards versions of adjustments, with my esophogas trying to unfold it's way up the inside of my neck.

It was not a fun day after that, my own self being physically violent agaionst me. 

However, I did have a giggle later on . . .

*     *     *     *     *

Having a difficult day, I went for a late soak in the hot tub.  My moment of near-non-pain comes when I go underwater for a break from gravity.  Again, today being a hard one, I was very medicated when I got in the water.

So, when I came up for air and heard the police over their intercom, it was kind of an "oh shit" moment.

They clearly were not at my door, or that of a close neighbor, rather just down the street, but as I couldn't make out what they were saying, I shook my head and wiped away the water in order to hear better.

That's when I realized a flock of geese were flying over head.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

For Friends of The Wisdom Cow

A while back, ESPN's website went with a new comment format requiring a facebook account.  I stopped commenting there.

The BANG (Bay Area News Group) site I followed the SF Giants through went with a Disqus sign-in for commenting.  I stopped there as well.

Now, BANG finally converted their Cal site too.  I tried to sign on once using the Google option, which I sign on for this blog, but it did not work (though it did, then, keep me logged on when I came to this site).  I didn't like doing it.  I was against doing it, but I didn't want to drop off the face of the Internet.

But it didn't log me on.  It didn't let me post, still wanting me to jump through more and more hoops for some reason.

So, I'm done with commenting on all these sites.  A few of you check in here from time to time.  Please, let the others know I'll still read sometimes, but I am done commenting (to the applause of some, no doubt).

Even though people with half a brain can find my personal information without much effort, I am tired of always being asked to give it away, of sites asking me to sign in so they can log and keep track of me. 

It really bothered me that BearTalk didn't do anything to let me know the change was coming.  Poor choice, Jeff Faraudo.  Perhaps I would have been up for trying to log on more than once had I known it was coming. 

Eh.  More likely I would have just been able to say my goodbyes, and I wouldn't have even tried once.  This, I bet they know, which is why no notice was given.

But I did try once.  It didn't work.  Now I am just bitter.  The friends and relationships I made with other posters there are the leverage Disqus has to get me to accept their terms. 

Well, fuck Disqus.