Thursday, July 14, 2016

Finally, An Exhale?

Okay, back from a long, 2 mile swim (one mile kick, one mile various strokes), and I have finally, after so fucking long, had a substantial breakthrough!  *maniacal laugh*

I managed to pull my left shoulder around, something, and it let both shoulders shift down and back a significant amount, relaxed.  It, too, allowed a greater exhale from my lungs.  Rather, the resting position of my exhale was allowed to be a greater exhaled position.  This means, all these years, my "relaxed" position has been one of a held breathe.  How fucked is that, right?

I want to write more, detailing all, but I'm kinda spent.  I will note I did about 800 kicking on my back, with much of it using the backs of my hands on the kick board, so think inverted kicking overall.  It aided the left shoulder a great deal by providing some resistance deep within the shoulder.

It's been so long since I have had a good adjustment.  While I have little doubt muscle memory will yank things back to the familiar position, if not later today, probably in my sleep, I know that what I have done once, I can do again, and I can train new muscle memories.

I will win or die trying.

Funny note - I did freak out one of the new lifeguards that didn't know about the chronic dislocations.  It was kinda cute.