Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting My Wiggle On!

[I keep having "adjustments" daily since the swimming restarted.  Very little is remaining consistent, but I have had some changes of form and thought which I think bear noting, as they may later help to describe exactly what I make of the whole "body in balance" issue / topic.]

What I Was

I believe I have already written much as to how I have felt "segmented" instead of whole, in terms of my body.  Well, another way to look at this is a if I was just like an old plastic action figure.  My arms and legs bent and turned, as did my neck, but everything was a solid.  There was limited movement within the back, really, regardless of what the arms, legs, or neck did.

An example, running track, the coach would emphasize how the right arm would lunge forward with the left leg and vise versa.  I would focus on that and make it happen, but it was in no way natural.  The surge in the right arm in didn't do anything for the left leg except in terms of physical momentum.  It kept me more balanced, as in not falling over, then keeping the arms straight down, but it did no more for me then that. 

There was not real connection between the two.  Hence, I thought them as segments, unconnected.

[It may be worth noting that part of this realization came with where I focus while doing any physical action.  In a later entry, I plan to go into more detail regarding my "leading with the hands and feet" instead of the arm of leg as a whole, using just as much thigh as calf and foot (or proportionately correct, anyways).]

How I Should Be

Two words, IN BALANCE.

This is, of course, the ultimate goal, and to properly explain this concept such that it may become quantifiable by physical measurement or some other diagnostic is the whole point of why I keep writing.

Now, to describe it in terms consistent with this post.  Balance happens while in motion as well as at rest.  The muscles within the back are supposed to be used when running.  They are supposed to work with the swivelling hips I only recently discovered.  They should cause the spine to arc, however slightly, almost oscillating as one runs, from side to side, as if to the left " ) " then to the right " ( " as such.

What I Envision

While doing my almost-but-not-quite-jogs to and from the local swimming pool, I eventually find a groove to maintain my movement and at least some semblance of posture control.  Only recently, after discovering the ability to swivel my hips, have I found an oscillation in my back.  It's still early, and I have only managed to do it once for a full mile (5+ attempts), meaning the body has not always allowed me to do it, perhaps my hips or shoulders being out of position.

Yet, what I find I envision is my absolute love, Matilda.  She was quite simply one of the most awesome dogs ever, a Pit mixed with Sharpei and maybe some Australian Cattle Dog, she was the ultimate little lover, a 55 lb lap dog (once sat on my lap all the way to Lake Tahoe, and every turn was killing my bladder).  Anyways, Matilda was a tail wagger, and the whole body wagged with it, which was pretty cool looking when it was slowish, crazy when fast.  When it happened while she wanted your attention, I'd say "Tilda has her wiggle on."  It just fit.

In very frustrating fashion, I cannot find any video as yet of Tilda doing the wiggle.  Making this whole post very off in terms of my chosen title and such.  As a consolation, at least until I find one of Matilda, here's Lizzie doing her version.  While not anything like what I do envision while jogging, it's at least cute . . .

I'll work on looking for the Tilda video.  I do think it is an excellent example, not just because it is what I envision while jogging, but because it is the natural oscillation of a torso in action, and almost as cute as Lizzie, though in an ugly cute way.  I suppose I could at least put a favorite Tilda pic up since I've been scouring my computer files.

[The Lizzie video hasn't uploaded for some reason.  Color me computer incompetent.]

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