Monday, April 9, 2012

Meditation Balls and My Latest Turning

[Very short.  Having much trouble, and spending time watching a lot of sports.  C'mon, Giants.  Win a game!]

The difficulty in describing what I understand may well be because it can not be described.

Years ago, when the adjustments had just begun, I spent hours and hours using the two sets of meditation balls I own.  You know the type, more likely than not.  You'll commonly hear it said that you can reach enlightenment if you use them long enough, twirling them in either direction in the palm of a hand.

Well, that could be, emphasis on could, what I did.  Perhaps discovering what being "balanced" is, understanding the true meaning of the Ying Yang symbol, is what it is to become enlightened, and one of the only ways to get there is by spinning those balls long enough to feel how it alters the muscles throughout the arm, even effecting the rest of the body.

I'm going to keep trying to figure out a way to describe it, but perhaps the only way to come close is by experiencing it.

If only I were able to have collected hard data while the changes were so dramatic, that may have been the only way to quantify things.

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