Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Pessimistic Synaptic Conundrum

[Short.  Stupid.  Post.  Not doing so well while dealing with significant "twists" that are adding migranes to the usual pains associated with my ills and cold weather.]

This should be one of the better weeks of my year.  The Pac 12 Tournament with the NCAA Tourney coming on it's heels coupled with Spring Training would usually be the events that mark a turning of the tide for me.  Spring should have sprung, the weather should be warming, and I should have entertainment in basketball and the promise of a Giant baseball season while I am indoors.  Yet, I feel crappy, worse than crappy, actually, with no sign of 80 degree weather anywhere on the horizon.

First, my Cal Bears are sliding backwards, possibly missing the NCAAs should they lose to Stanfurd tonight.  [I often describe myself as "An accused lunatic and Cal fan, the being unrelated, mostly."]  So, Cal's woes certainly have an impact me.  They could win tonight.  They should win tonight.  But I predicted their loss to Colorado, then the loss UW had to UCLA to open the door to a Pac 12 championship again, only to lose to Stanfurd.  Another loss to that junior university and my heart will have broken too many times in a single season.

More pain stems from the consequences of Bud Selig and his ever expanding baseball season.  It is not warm yet.  It certainly was not warm back when the last baseball season ended.  My father was dying back then, too.  I was cold, in pain, and coping with his cancer.  Had it been warmer, my body would not nearly have been in as much pain, and the gut impulse I am getting from baseball's spring training would probably be more positive.  Instead, it's just another reason to hate Bud Selig.

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