Friday, April 20, 2012

Objective Progress Beyond Question

Today, I swam a hard 25m of backstroke without shoulder dislocation or subluxation.  This first time since my ordeal began that any backstroke (even swum as gently as possible) did not result in at least subluxation.  There can be no doubt towards my progress.

Also, the mile home was jogged the entire way, for the first time (yes, another first) using my hips with my strides.  I presume it is yet another example of my ignorance as to correct movement prior to today, at age 41.  Worth noting, only two days ago did I use my hips in my freestyle kick in the pool.  It was at some point this winter (likely found within my journals) that I "freed" my hips at all in the first place, discovering, after a significant adjustment in both hip sockets, that I could swivel my hips similar to the movement of a hula dancer.

Fittingly, the shuffle setting ipod played Trey Anastasio's Alive Again and The Rolling Stones' You Can't Always Get What You Want during the jog home.

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