Monday, May 7, 2012

Among The Unlucky

[This is a throw the arms up in the air, scream, "are you kidding me?" kind of post.]

First, my grandmother's maiden name was Murphy.  So, yes, whatever can go wrong tends to for me.

Second, it's been the toughest winter of my life.  The cold and my joints made me stir crazy, stuck in this house.  I have been miserable.  My father died.  The trips to his funeral and to spend time with my mother were taxing such that I spent days hardly moving afterwards.

The entire time, I waited.  Summer.  Not even Summer, I waited for late Spring, when the Sacramento area turns hot, when I could finally go to the pool, when the warmth would allow my joints some good.

Today, the weather finally in the high 80s, jogging to the pool, I pulled my calf muscle.  It is not entirely uncommon for me.  This is probably the seventh time in the past year and a half.  Only once was it severe, though this one will probably keep me from jogging much.  At least I can still swim, right?

Wrong.  Jury duty.

I've had notice six or seven times since living here.  Every time, I logged on the night before to learn I was not required to appear.  Of course, now that it's warm, I have to go, and with a gimpy leg, t'boot.  Unbelievable.  As if any attorney is actually going to put me on their jury.  It should be interesting to see if the judge and attorneys think me insane or a bitter genius or both when I disclose my "disappointing" last experience in the legal system - falsified police reports, lying police officers, lying District Attorneys, irresponsible judges, clear misconduct even on the part of the Public Defender's office I worked for, all likely because (and this is my best guess) the death penalty case I was working had originally started for the police with illegal (or "top secret") wire taps on a Nigerian murder victim, which they had to keep quiet, so they faked the initial stages of the investigation, which I deduced immediately, as well as their subsequent attempts to cover that up, plus other unethical behaviors.  I'll be in pain and trying to explain my least favorite experience.  Sounds like fun!

There is a group of people that experience a statistically significant amount of bad luck, more than your average idiot.  I am undoubtedly in that group.  Damn my Murphy blood!

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