Tuesday, July 25, 2017

So, . . . , This Happened.

I did 5k in the pool.

Well, at least 5k.  I had to backtrack my count a couple times.  So, odds are I did more.

Doesn't matter.  I am just pleased with myself.


There is little doubt some postural changes are happening that have aided this increase in max distances I have been doing.  Muscles in my back are progressing, but my right leg at the hip is also giving me significant problems.  It easily becomes very tweaked and painful.  Much of every swim is focused on it, which takes focus away from my back, which then screws more with the hip.

So wrong.  To best get work on my right thigh and hip done, I have to NOT be paying any attention to my right thigh or hip.  Yes, this invites repeated lapses and frustration.

But I did 5k today!

So, for now, I am pleased.

And tired.

And getting more sore with every passing minute.

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