Saturday, May 14, 2016

Breathe Right?

Okay, major changes happening around both shoulder, the neck, and head, such that my upper back now seizes when I screw up and let muscle memory revert and tweak all sorts of muscles.  I am both sore and in pain.

This said, a new noticeable change has occurred.  I don't know if it is permanent, or will become so, but whatever...

When I achieve certain posture (one the current movements seem to lead towards), I perceive the air entering my nose now differently.  I have always only ever known (one exception for another time) the feeling of the air passing by my nostrils, as if moving upward, parallel to my face.  Now, I feel it enter inward, I the nose above the nostrils, perpendicular to my face.  There is substantially more air flow, as well.

Perhaps some day  I will no longer be a mouth breather . . .

I could add more, but I just hurt too much.  The basic record has been made.

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