Thursday, March 12, 2015

A New Unfold

Simply for the record, as I have not been updating often.

Imagine an arrow key symbol, a sideways V, like this, >.

Now place it at the back base of your neck and rotate it such that the point faces forward, towards your Adam's Apple.

I suspect it was made of muscle, whatever it was, but this morning, it straightened out from a V into a line.  This is how it felt, anyways.

And the back of my neck elongated slightly.

Now, pieces are shifting around, parts at the base of the neck, up to the jaw hinges, and large sections of the right shoulder seem to have slid from behind and underneath the arm around and up towards the spot at the base of the back of my neck.

My bite has changed (though it has been very unstable for ages).

When it happened, a migraine head ache that was torturing me as I tried to fall back to sleep went away in an instant.  Well, not entirely, some discomfort seems to have shifted from the sinuses to the side of the temple, but the pain level dropped substantially.

Where things go from here, I have no idea.  I am hopeful, but tired.

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