Friday, April 5, 2013

A Dark Matter

[I have wanted to write this one for some time, multiple versions exist, most probably better than this one, but incomplete.  Here, I am going short.  I am throwing out one of my theories into the world that I believe is at least more correct than current beliefs.  Why now?  Well, first it is not one of the ones I hold dear.  Yet, it's kinda big.  Also, I just had my first EKG yesterday.  So, mortality, the odds on never getting better, and the odds of never being able to articulate the things I would like to, have me lowering the bar.]

It is ironic.

Dark matter is light.

Well, in many forms, I'd presume, but for the most part, it is light.

We look up at the stars and see these pin points, hundreds and thousands of light years away.

They are not spot lights shining only at us.  They emit light in all directions, each of them, and they have been for a really long time.

Stars die.  Why?  They use up their fuel.  Where does it go?  All that mass?  Hello, conservation of energy.

So, yes, I am saying a light wave has mass (Personally, I'd bet light is a wave that can become a particle, more than the "it's a wave and a particle" argument, but either way).  It may be extraordinarily minute, but in mind boggling numbers over vast areas of space . . .

I could be wrong.  I'm probably wrong to some degree, possibly substantial.  Yet, in all the information I have seen (admittedly little, and I have not done much research on the topic given my own issues), all that light, all that energy, travelling over great distances, all the time, is not really discussed.

It's funny to me.  Light only illuminates what it's hitting.  So, I guess all that light is dark.

But if it turns out to be a substantial portion of "dark matter," and all those big brains were missing it all this time, that's funny.

[Okay.  Back to my unwinding.  Should someone decide I am onto something, perhaps they'd be kind enough to go out on a limb that I am also possibly correct on my theories of what I am dealing with, and that perhaps, with the ear of the right people, I could help revolutionize the understanding of the human condition.]

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