Friday, June 8, 2012

I Sure Hope Stupidity Isn't An Accident

[Wow.  Just wow.]

I can't say why it took me so long, especially given that one of the songs I have most identified with throughout this entire process, the song I never believe I understood until this began, was certainly a topic of significant discussion on the Internet.  And yet, all this time, I never Googled The Beatles' While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

Seriously, I have listened to it over and over.  A classic, I have always loved it and it has been on many a mix tape since I got The Beatles CDs for my 16th birthday, shortly after the first set was available on the medium.  I made a pretty cool three piece set of the CD boxes, framed, which is probably one of the only pieces of "art" I covet.

The song lyrics fits way too well, that I was perverted and no one alerted me, that I was folded, that I had been diverted.  So much.  Give a listen.

And so I felt really stupid just minutes ago.  I finally typed "while my guitar gently weeps meaning" into the Google search engine and almost immediately found, though not confirmed, that it . . .

comes from a line George read in the I Ching that said something about "everything is relative to everything else, and nothing is coincidental."

It makes me wonder if people (like certain psychiatrists) thought I read the I Ching and came up with all this BS afterwards.

Sadly, no.  I am perverted and still unfolding, and until that first unfolding, I had no idea what that quote would have meant, really meant.  I do, too.  I know.

This has been just another in a long line of personal discoveries that reconfirms I have a quantification of these eastern ideas in my head which I must learn how to express objectively.  I get it.  I have for some time.  Explaining it, however, is an entirely different animal, and I have little faith in the possibility that my mushed and battered brain will be able to come up with profound prose along the lines of an ancient Chinese text.

It looks like I have some reading to do.  Time to order a copy of I Ching.

How in the world did I wait so long to look up that damn song?

I'll take solace in that it was no coincidence.

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