Sunday, February 5, 2012

Haiku One

[I tried attempting a post two days ago.  It was not very long, yet I got very frustrated when I became too tired to finish it.  Confusion set in quickly after pain derailed my train of thought.  I could not get the most simple of aspects to fit, becoming angry, which only exacerbated physical pains.  Such has been the past several years.  Perhaps I am trying to write on this topic too soon.  It, and I, may need more time in the oven.  Yet, since I'm already on the cooling rack and out in the open, I feel the need to keep posting.  So enters haiku.  When I fail at the longer pros, I'll try to give either one of these, or an OPO (One Paragraph Opinion), on a single aspect of that which I hope to convey.  Simple or complex, deep or shallow, they will be at least tangential in relevance to the theories I shall eventually outline.]

An objective ill
Still subjectively unknown,
The tone deaf singer.


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