Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Current Situation - Another Step To Take

[Basically, a journal entry out of courtesy, explaining the presumed absense to come.]

I am upset.  Things have destablized in a big way lately.  Progress is likely, but so is pain.  I have no clue if I will be able to write at all in the near future.

I am near certain I must reassert myself on altering my hip tilt (top back, muscles of lower back spread, allowing legs to rotate inward).  If that makes any sense to anyone, let me know why.

The local pool has reopened from it's winter closure (though the weather will probably be worse in the next two months than it has in the last two), and I must start swimming again.  I shall focus on breaststroke, again, with an emphasis on hip position.

I had always had a strong, but I believe now, very incorrect kick, much moreso than I had thought originally.  Far to much like a frog kick, my hips tilted drastically in a manner opposite as described above, such that I could virtually bring the back of my knees together when propelled.  My lower back must arch far too much.  I shall focus on keeping my knees pointed down, not out.

I had hoped I was so much closer towards approaching normalcy than I am.  So much more work to do, and I do not know where I will find the motivation to do so.  I am so tired, sleep so little, and feel so uncomfortable all the time.

This would be easier if it were hot outside.  Only a few more months, I guess.  I'll try to stay above water til then, and hopefully get a second wind.

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