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Posted 2/22/2010 10:39 AM PST

[Not doing to well lately, but wanted to add some more.]

I want to touch on two things, some of the structural changes that started happening to me, and one of the things I learned after the fact.

I said before the posture change that increased my height lead to physical structural changes. It is the only way I can describe them.

Some were simple. My shoulders began to move their resting position relative to my torso. If you remember those old school dolls (the preceders to action figures), those 8 inch tall Batman or GI Joe dolls, well, the arms were held in their sockets by a rubber band. I felt much like one of those, where the rubber band had been twisted so many times that it folded, making the arm stick out oddly. Instead of sitting as they did, the whole arm was moved forward.

Yet, even the simple had complicated elements. One arm was twisted in the opposite direction as the other, one clockwise, one counter-clockwise. I want to go more into it, but it is simply to hard to explain. Basically, I believe I had been contorted, some muscles overdeveloped and dominant, others underdeveloped and practically non-existent. Muscles, too, I believe had been stretched out of place.

At one point, right after an "adjustment", I felt my neck seem to shift it's position. I went to the mirror. After a while, I noticed my smile. It was different, radically different from what I had always known. It curled up like a normal persons. My smile was always straight. Believe me. I was teased for it as a youth. Some muscles must have been released into the positions they were supposed to maintain, allowing a real smile.

* * * * * *

OK, there was much much more, and I at least mentioned that I believed my body had been twisted, contorted, such that I stood at a height shorter than my body was meant to. The new walk had, over quite some time, allowed something to free itself, resulting in changes throughout my body and the increase in height.

These changes still continue. If I am up to it, I will get more into it in a later post, but now I want to note something I am pretty certain about.

Over two years after the real pain began, then subsided, to where I was no longer screaming for help while unable to get off of the floor and doctors would not assist, I finally was able to do some more in depth research on the net. Height increases do not seem to happen, it would appear, which does explain a bit as to why my doctors did not even wish to entertain the possibility.

Do not, I did see some cases of women claiming to have gotten taller after childbirth. This does fit my model in the sense that carrying the child to term could have freed postural problems much like my changed walk over time had.

However, I did find a neat fact, well known in Psychiatry circles. Many studies note (lets call it conclude) that ADD children grow at a slower rate then normal children and do not reach their projected heights. Some of you may see where I am going already. This "fact" is written off as anomalous data which no studies I could find investigate whatsoever.

I am a student of Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolution. Just as progress depends on the unreasonable man, science can only improve through the investigation of anomalous data. Today's Psychiatrists like to believe that the brain malfunction responsible for ADD (which they like to throw meds at to see what happens) also cause a lack of height, probably due to some hormone deficiency they as yet do not understand. It is nothing but guesswork and corrolational studies, no causational studies.

Well, lets try some common sense. If I was twisted and in pain, wouldn't I display the symptoms commonly associated with ADD? Smash your thumb with a hammer and see if you don't act like an ADD kid for a while.

These twists, these kinks, these portions of underdeveloped muscle, held back my height. I was growing to a height of 5' 11", but just didn't get there because I was contorted. Is it so ridiculous to suggest that at least a significant subset of children diagnosed with ADD, who are not "growing" at the rate of normal kids are really just contorting? Could yoga, chiropractic care, or even just different shoes (to adjust their walk) put them on a course as they grow to correct their posture, reduce kinks and or pain in the synaptic connections of their body, and thereby reduce symptoms of ADD?

Well, I am certain that I am mostly right. Told this, Kaiser docs, both Psych and normal, wanted nothing to do with it. I am not sure they even listened. My new docs may be listening, but are undoubtedly too busy to be able to do anything with it. Maybe someone who can or someone who knows someone who can will read this.

LET ME BE CLEAR - I currently believe this MAY help children. Adults would likely end up like myself. I have not gone nearly into detail as to how much pain I am in and how pathetic my life has become. Even if I manage to become "normal" or even functional, as my body was not investigated, as my posture prior to change was not documented, there is no telling where I sat on the spectrum of contorted postures, though I believe it likely I was near an extreme. What am I saying? Do not try this out. I would not wish my fate on my worst enemy.

I just hope that what I know to be correct, at least in part, will become of interest to the medical community. Enough for today. I Hope it makes sense.

Last - the current physical condition is hypermobility (limbs can't stay in their sockets) with compulsive "adjustments" (I can't help but continue to move pieces around to lessen pain and constant discomfort). While the continued voluntary movements are likely keeping things loose, it does aid in strengthening the muscles that do the moving. As I have yet to feel the same for any two week period, progress (I hope) is still occurring.

The latest maddening aspects (2): One, I can flex my deltoids and look a little like Takeo Spikes (neck up, the rest of me is that grotesque fat yellow demon guy from Sin City). Two, recent "adjustments" twice in the past month have release chunks of muscle up my neck toward my ear, with bouts of seasickness following the next day (the second time being pretty bad for a day and a half). I presume the muscle movement screwed with the positioning of my inner ear, wreaking havoc with my balance.

Complex problem, but no suggestion would go without real consideration. I should add that I believe some of my "adjustments" are similar to Rolf Message adjustments in that they break stagnant tissue. Hence,letting muscle move to where it should be. I should also add that my conceptualization of this "contorted" body could very well have far ranging implications do to huge yet possibly predictable ways such "kinks" could manifest themselves (it could be the cause of a huge variety of differing ailments). OK, really sore now. Thanks for reading.

[As yet a first draft with minimal editing.]

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