Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Willa Of A Week

Things got bad.  Major swelling in the neck, jaw, and right ear have been quite overwhelming.  Eventually, I was given strong antibiotics.

I don't think the pain is a simple issue of an ear infection.  It has to be related to tensions, portions as yet unwound but under high torque and pressure as a result of previous adjustments with physical posture still not altered enough to compensate.

Anyways . . . I endured, and still endure.  I have yet been able to not require Narco for the pain.  I have yet to sleep better than one 3.5 hour session in the past 5 days (I think I've managed 10 hours).

So . . .

*     *     *     *     *

It was not exactly the perfect time for a new puppy.

*     *     *     *     *

We have settled on a name (for now, anyways), complete with Titles:

Willa, Cutie P'tutie, Queen of Doughnuts

Lizze and the wife provided the titles as Lizzie crowned Willa with a rubber doughnut squeeky toy, creating simultaneous "Oh, Cutie P'tutie" and "Queen of Doughnuts" declarations. 

Had a pic (or good lord, video) of that moment been possible, the content of this blog entry would have needed health warnings for those suseptible to death or injury by excessive cuteness.

*     *     *     *     *

She is a chocolate miniature schnauzer, and I feel completely out of my league (like a zit faced nerd high school student escorting a supermodel to the Prom).

She is unbelieveably cute.

Now, my last two dogs were both cute.  Matilda had been so "ugly cute" as to take second place in a Contra Costa County Ugly Dog Contest.

But both of them were mutts.  This dog is just sickeningly near perfect.  It's a good thing AKC does not allow chocolates (I believe they call them livers) to compete, or there is no way this one remained available for us at 11 weeks old.

*     *     *     *     *

Unfortunate to be in a trough of pain at present, but the boost from Willa has been substantial.

I have been shocked by how our 14 year old, Maya, the lab/boxer, archetype of a dominant female, has handled things.  She has been incredible.

There have been accidents, and the puppy is too tiny for Maya, creaky and heavy limbs, to try to play with, but she has been both incredibly tolerant, and seemingly more happy than she has been in years (this is the real surprise).

Recently over pneumonia, limbs hurting possibly much more than my own, she has been pretty much a food/treat oriented dog with moments of "yeah, it's nice of you to scratch me" sprinkled in.  Since Willa arrived, possibly mirroring the smiles and laughs by the rest of the family, Maya's tail tends to be higher and wagging more joyfully than it has in years, probably 5 years or more, since Matilda went blind. 

It's also all over her face, at least when pointed at us, not Willa.  She is still sending messages toward the pup, but the lip has only been barely lifted once, and Willa has done things that would have gotten other dogs on death's door just a year ago (as I prevented when my Mother's new dog growled at Maya upon entering OUR house for the first time - she wanted blood for that insult). 

It's day 3 now, and Willa has been bouncing on Maya's head.  Unthinkable.

It does get a bit depressing, however, knowing Maya just won't be able to play with Willa much, if ever.  I just don't know what she could do without accidentally crushing the pup.  On the few occasions she gets spry with us, she does not really possess body control anymore.

*     *     *     *     *

So, just as Summer is arriving, I also get a new puppy in my life.  Even the truly horrific physical hurdles of late, again keeping me from the pool and exercise, only bring moments of depression.

I'm miserable.  Make no mistake.

Yet, I'd be in despair otherwise.  Even moments of agony can't stop visions of uber-cuteness from bringing a smile or two.

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